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“I thought I would have to live with my IBS symptoms for the rest of my life…”

“The IBS treatment I received from Dr. Barrett can only be described as Amazing!….Why mask the suffering when the cause of the symptoms can be treated and eliminated? No more stomach pains or explosive episodes. Not having to worry about when or where this may occur has eliminated so much anxiety.” -D.C

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“I am happy to write a testimonial about Dr. Barrett’s treatment,because I thought I’d have to live with my IBS symptoms for the rest of my life. The attacks started young and continued until I started Dr. Barrett’s IBS treatment.” – J.C.

“Before I saw Dr. Barrett, I believed the symptoms could be temporarily alleviated, but not permanently eliminated. I have recommended him to several friends who are coping with the same issue, and will continue to do so, not only because of his ground-breaking treatment which get to the cause of the symptoms associated with IBS, but because of his compassionate and understanding nature, which always put me at ease. Dr. Barrett has exceeded my expectations and made it possible for IBS to be a thing of the past for me.” – C.G.

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“Dear Dr. Barrett, I wanted to thank you for improving my quality of life. Since participating in your IBS Treatment plan, I’ve only suffered the occaisional upset stomach. I’m physically more comfortable and feel more confident and happy. As you know, IBS can be social suicide! I’ve turned down many invitations for fear of getting sick or for actually being sick. Thankfully that is an issue of the past. I faithfully take my fiber and probiotics and feel grateful each time. 2012 is looking good thanks to you! – C.F.”

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