Welcome to the Digestive Healthcenter of Boston

Welcome to the Digestive Health Center of Boston


The Digestive Health Center of Boston provides highly compassionate and individualized patient care through effective new treatment approaches to common functional digestive disorders.

“I created the Digestive Health Center of Boston providing a forum to educate and create awareness that there absolutely is help available through new advanced treatments enhancing the quality of life for those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.”
– Dr. George Barrett, Founder and President of the DHCB

Common digestive disorders are disruptive to the daily lives of millions who continue to suffer in silence untreated or misdiagnosed. munich airport transfers Most people have been misled to believe their symptoms are stress or lifestyle related when in fact they are experiencing symptoms of a real disorder. There are new approaches to treatment plans that when combined by educating and effective communication has proven successful and have changed the lives of so many.

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Dr. Barrett is the founder of DHCB and Chief of Gastroenterology at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton. He has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of life for hundreds with his effective treatment plans and individualized care. He is notably recognized in the community and among medical professionals for his expertise in the successful treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dr. Barrett and numerous highly regarded experts in the field have co-jointly identified what is the likely source of the predominant cases of IBS. (see IBS new approach). Recently published evidence based reviews and emerging clinical research studies are showing corroborating evidence to that of Dr. Barrett’’s retrospective analysis supporting the effectiveness of the new treatment methods being prescribed. (see New Studies, New Evidence)

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